Brewing Methods

"Instant Coffee" Method 


(STEP ONE) Put the coffee bag into your cup and pour 180mL of hot water.

(STEP TWO) Steep the coffee bag in the hot water for the time you desire.

4 minutes = Mild brew

5 minutes = Average brew 

6 minutes= Average/strong brew 

7+ mintues= Strong brew

(STEP THREE, optional) Add sugar and milk to taste.

"Cold Brew" method 


(STEP ONE) We recommend 2 coffee bags and pour 360 mL of water (1:9 ratio) add more/less water or coffee depending on how strong you want your cold brew.

(STEP TWO) Let the cold brew steep for 12 hours in the fridge.

(STEP THREE) Add more water, milk, creamer or sugar to taste. Be as creative as you want!

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