About Us

Who is CO4?

CO4 is a student-run instant coffee business made up of four year 13 students from Pakuranga College. We work towards creating a barista-quality instant coffee whilst incorporating the values we go by. We aspire to create an environmentally sustainable coffee product in hopes of addressing the effects other coffee businesses have had around the globe and setting ourselves as an example for other firms in the market. Our business also strives to embrace the unique and marginalized cultures in our society. We do this by taking certain aspects which are associated with their culture and integrating it into our flavours. We hope, through our products, we will be able to educate our customers about being more environmentally conscious whilst enjoying what the world has to offer through a cup of coffee!

The Founders

Helen Lam - Chief Executive Officer

Favourite Coffee: Caramel Macchiato 

I love love LOVE coffee, and started drinking it at a ridiculously young age. So when I had a chance to combine my passion around bettering the environment, showing off the diverse cultures we have in NZ and coffee - that is where the start of CO4 developed.

Sheenu Ragunathan - Marketing and Sales Manager

Favourite Coffee: Latte Macchiato 

Throughout the years, we have seen cultural identities and inclusions of them become lost & less prevalent in our society. CO4's vision in embracing and powering these cultures made me take upon the opportunity to join them. We hope to empower and promote the vast range of diverse cultures through our barista-quality instant coffee! It is a great privilege to be apart of an amazing team and I am excited for the future of CO4!

Jackshen Lee - Operations Manager

Favourite Coffee: Tea

CO4 gives our team an opportunity to have our voices heard as an Asian-NZ business. I was inspired by Proudly Asian Theatre's mission to empower Asian talent through theatre, which made me want to create my own mission: to empower the voices of the Asian community in NZ, using coffee as a platform for our stories to be told. Especially during COVID-19, now is the time for NZ to unite together, and what a better way to do that than with a cup of coffee!

Hubert Lai - Financial Officer

Favourite Coffee: Café au lait

The idea of integrating cultural flavours and looking after the environment in a cup of coffee is quite interesting. This crazy idea intrigued me into joining CO4. (Low-key starting to really enjoy morning coffees...)

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